Kickin Up Dust Equine

Specialized programs for you and your horse!

The Kicking Up Dust Equine program offers lessons and training in the Buckeye, Arizona
area. We are open to riders of all skill levels and ages, from novices who have never been on a horse, to more experienced riders looking to achieve their highest potential. At Kickin Up Dust Equine, we believe in helping riders achieve their goals and for them to feel accomplished with their progress. You will find a friendly, non-competitive environment designed to ensure that each rider feels comfortable and may learn at their own speed. If you have always been interested in horses, or if you are looking to progress further in your riding and horsemanship abilities, please contact us for more information.

Upcoming Events

-Now accepting horses for training
-Now accepting applicants for lessons
-Mission View Saddle Club 2 Day April 26-27th
-May 10th ASC Gymkhana